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SFX and Conceptual Looks

Emily has a certification from MUD in Burbank, CA. She studied basic SFX, including character and conceptual makeup. She loves putting together unique, stunning, and avant-garde looks.

Corrective and Natural-Looking Beauty

While Emily loves avant-garde beauty, her main specialty is corrective beauty; this refers to makeup application that relies on color correction, and occasionally, structural emphasis (contouring).

She has a wide experience from everyday natural beauty, bridal and other special events, runway, film, and editorial makeup.

Education Services

For the last seven years, Emily has spent the majority of her time educating people, particularly women, who feel stuck in their current routine. She listens to their needs, makes suggestions with the goal of balancing their wants and needs, and walks them through the process. Her goal is to create a personalized, comfortable, and realistic routine for her clients.